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Crystal River Florida Manatees are more fun to play with than my friends! If you wanna really have some fun, come to Crystal River and swim with the playful manatees!

Manatees are amazing lumbering mammals that have evolved without direct predation. This has most likely lead to them being the gentle giants they are today. We really enjoyed our time with the manatees in Homosassa.

Spearfishing out of Homosassa FL. Great visibility and lots of fish.

A ride by kayaks to Three Sisters Springs, in Crystal River Florida, for an amazing day swimming with these very gentle creatures. Like puppies, they love affection and will come right up to you for it.

The Rainbow River in Dunnellon Florida is a beautiful waterway and you never know what you’ll see! We saw the MerBella Mermaids in the Rainbow River today!

Rainbow River Tubing in Dunnellon Florida. Tubing down the river with my friends. Life is good!

Homosassa scalloping trip on Labor Day Weekend 2012.

Fun in Homosassa! Cool Video!

Scalloping Homosassa & Crystal River

Scalloping Homosassa . 352-503-1605

Scalloping Crystal River . 352-364-5770

Watch in HD- it’s a must! Diving with manatees, mullet, snappers, and bluegill in Three Sisters Spring and adjoining canals… Cameras used were Kodak Playsp…