Crystal River Florida Manatee Experience

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This is a video of our annual adventure to Crystal River, Florida. If you want to swim with manatees, this is an awesome spot to visit since there are Manatees everywhere. It is incredible to interract with these creatures and learn more about them in their own environment. The video was shot in January 2008. The snorkelers are Jill Synowiec, Casey Kimball, Tinita Hughes, Blair Hughes and Videographer, Rich Synowiec. Visit Crystal River Manatees website for more info about manatee tours.


Elizabeth Freville says:

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I would´╗┐ LOVE to do this one day! Y’all look so happy! Cute smiles! ­čśÇ ÔÖą

markarthu says:

“Scientists don’t recommend touching them.” After tens of thousands were slaughtered by´╗┐ hungry sailors, a bit of petting is a nice change.

80sspirit4ever says:

Omg at 4:55 you can see his belly button, I´╗┐ can’t understand´╗┐ how people can hurt these beautiful animals.

Daniel Wernze says:

I will dive with Manatees. But only´╗┐ Apnoe.

GreenEarth8 says:

They can touch you, you can’t touch them; they are protected in the US and it is illegal to touch them, feed them or give them water.´╗┐

jimmyswope1 says:


jimmyswope1 says:


Edison Le says:

what is the´╗┐ theme song?

supaordinary says:

give some space for the poor creature´╗┐ to breathe !!!

MrKirsche157 says:

Putzerstation f├╝r Seek├╝he. Gute´╗┐ Sache!

Angel Roman says:

“Can One´╗┐ Day Change Your Life (Creamer & K/Jordan)

zombiekiller4365 says:

pugs of´╗┐ the sea

TheMadThresher says:

Scientists knowledge is purely textbook. Biologists are the ones who interact with these creature and their environments with a strictly educational agenda. You cannot learn everything you need to know of a creature from a book, you need to see, to touch, to be in the presence of such a beautiful animal. In all honesty what harm do you think comes from a petting? These creatures show just as much curiosity towards us as we´╗┐ do towards them. 2:30 Case and point.

Rich Synowiec says:

a Tarpon´╗┐

Rich Synowiec says:

THe problem is that´╗┐ like a puppy who wants attention they do not leave you alone.

Rich Synowiec says:

They don’t let you not touch them. Its like a´╗┐ pet dog wanting to be petted and attention

Rich Synowiec says:


Amyr Borges Fortes Neto says:

Beautifull! They are so´╗┐ charming.

Scubadooba38 says:

very cool rich. My mom and I might do that again sometime.

_´╗┐ Ben Linares

MustachesAndTurtles says:

It’s alright to gently touch or stroke them a few times I think, but just don’t harass or bother them. If they don’t want you to touch them, then don’t. And it probably isn’t very good to surround them, as they could get anxious or nervous.
just´╗┐ sayin’


darren: I am glad they are helping them but I didn’t know you couldn’t go up to them and touch them. Thank you very much for letting me know this. If it bothers them, I shouldn’t´╗┐ do it anyway.

martinxeriksson says:

Im going´╗┐ there in febuary!!!

TheMadThresher says:

Name of song´╗┐ anyone??

Leonardo Baez says:

so cute…´╗┐ i will be there in january 2013

NachaSkateboards says:

Millions of years ago, when´╗┐ humans first came to exist, many humans adapted to aquatic environments while others to land. Hard to believe but manatees are our aquatic brothers and sisters

dal10001 says:

if´╗┐ manatee’s go extinct i blame pb oil

Lorianna Feldmar says:

Never saw anythg like this. Making me cry. How amazing that everything even creatures in the sea feel with this proof they have feelings how do we dominate just because, we can any life forms and cause any pain to any of them. I am so glad to be a vegan but, feel shame for ever eating anything that had to suffer.´╗┐

Sean Kitchen says:

vist petes pier! and´╗┐ ask for sean

dracodawnstar1 says:

What a beautiful video! Oh those manatees are so adorably gentle and cute and so curious. I didn’t know you could swim with them like that…I thought that would be harassing them. But I know that’s not true, especially if you are accompanied by a Florida Fish & Wildlife ranger with you. Also, I read up on the facts after joining the “SAVE THE MANATEE CLUB”. Such wonderful astonishing creatures:)´╗┐

RodneyisGodney says:

Love´╗┐ manatees!ÔÖąÔÖąÔÖą

maximyllllien says:

Tom´╗┐ Geiger – Can One Day Change Your Life

Mineav says:

They’re so beautiful, I almost can’t believe it. :)´╗┐

trishad44 says:

Love Crystal river lived won there´╗┐ for two years the manatees are awesome!

Julia Bartel says:

was that a bull shark´╗┐ at 5:00 on video?

frostkiss2 says:

Manatees are one of the cutest, friendly, adorable´╗┐ creatures of the ocean <3

WSFUN30 says:

I didn’t´╗┐ know manatees are amazing!

Drachaith says:

man, they are just´╗┐ so friendly

Carolina Molina says:

wht is the´╗┐ name of this song

gforceproduction says:

Such´╗┐ a beautiful video capturing how loving these beautiful creatures are. My father has had them come up to his boat looking for a rub. He had one roll on its back for a belly scratch. I hope to have an up close experience someday!

uzerofutube says:

Oh, nature is so´╗┐ beautiful!


Was that a Shark @5:00 ????´╗┐ O.O

SonicGeneration says:

The´╗┐ cutest thing ever

pitchmypupp says:

i think you should´╗┐ read the missing manatee

David says:

Wow they are so adorable! Can I take one home with me?

anne says:

I do not think you should touch them and some say well they touched them well yea when there is no room in the water and have no choice but to run into someone with all the people in the water around them. This breaks my heart for their ONLY refuge is so accessible to ANYONE,(in the winter months. Also what is sad if u look them up u get a bunch of tours go go and see and touch them as I read their ads.

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