Crystal River Manatee Educational Video

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(Disclaimer: This video was shot a few years ago and touching a resting manatee is NO LONGER permitted, plus it’s always best to let a manatee come to you!) This video is an informational piece on the Florida Manatee. One of the most gentile creatures you could ever be in the water with! Every year the West Indian Manatee travel into Crystal River seeking warmer water temperatures. It is here that people are allowed to come into contact with them and hopefully protecting them for future generations.


tom h says:

Touching a Manatee will never hurt one. I’m amazed at all of the people who are concerned about touching one but its okay that we have runoff of fertilizer and chemicals into our oceans and springs. USFW is planning on shutting down the possibility of people seeing and interacting with these amazing animals. It’s extremely sad.

David says:

Yeah I agree! Manatees seem to do quite well in our area considering. They will be here for hundreds and hundereds more years. But will the humans?

Giovanni Rossi Filangieri says:

I was there in november, fantastic animals

DUBSAC says:

Bunch of cuties

Becky Kagan Schott says:

Thanks for your comment

Diverdown2011 says:

BEING NEAR MANATEES from the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission

Look, but don’t touch manatees. Also, don’t feed manatees or give them water. If manatees become accustomed to being around people, they can alter their behavior in the wild, perhaps causing them to lose their natural fear of boats and humans, which may make them more susceptible to harm. Passive observation is the best way to interact with manatees and all wildlife.

Aertraveller says:

It’s called west Indian manatee based on west indies which are located in the Caribbean. 

poppy hughes says:

You find them in WEST AFRICA not west INDIA!!!!

martinxeriksson says:

I should go there in december and come home in november 2013

TheCaledioScope says:

Oh the hu-manity. :p

KennyReddwooddforest says:

Manatees are pure love.

Sakul1321 says:

so i should plan my america trip between november and march

PieroFilm says:

Mi piace super, spero di poter vedere queste creature ed accarezzale qundo vado a Raja Ampat.

pcLiferaft says:

As always, amazing footage! Well shot and edited…nice job.

bubblevision says:

Love it Becky! Got to get there one day

piddlefish says:

i wish i had that kind of buoyancy control

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