Gag Grouper Fishing

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Trolling and bottom fishing for gag grouper in Crystal River is an exciting adventure. Next time you go fishing, visit Crystal River and go out for some giant grouper.


mapeavy8 says:

Do you go out by shell island if you do how many miles do you go out because we got a couple good spots out far but there a little ways out there and you got a nices spot right there..

jino8810 says:

Was that a circle hook or j hook

ahuertas69 says:

That was disgusting! Just wait till next season, I’m ready for my B.A.G (Big Ass Grouper) ! ! !

swflcracker247 says:

if you ever get the chance try eating one of those sand perch the are pretty good we usually keep some to eat after we get our bait

ExtremeFishingAdv says:

you can’t keep gags right now in federal waters in the gulf but this video was shot over a year ago

Paul Choi says:

what is the limit? I thought gags were prohibited for now?

THEALMO98 says:

sweet vidio i watch alot of ur vidios

fisherofmen2008 says:

Awesome video. Thanks!

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