Snorkeling with Crystal River Manatees

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During the winter months, manatees migrate by the hundreds into the warm water springs of Crystal River. This video was taken in the beautiful Three Sisters Springs, a crystal clear spring head located off of King’s Bay. Swimming with the manatees in this spring is an awesome gift, the clarity of the water makes for incredible video and picture taking opportunity. This spring system becomes a winter home for many of our moms and babies. Three Sisters Spring was recently purchased by the City of Crystal River and leased long term to the US fish & Wildlife Service. This purchase ensures the future preservation of the spring system which is vital for the manatees long term protection.


Bryan Reaves says:

So cute

Bryan Reaves says:

Aww we

RiverVentures says:

October is here, and the manatees are moving in from the gulf. This is a great time to visit Crystal River for an amazing experience of swimming with the manatees.

thegreatfoley says:

cutest animals in the world :}


That one wanted a good scratch on its back, it even rolled it toward them. My manatee loves a good back scratch to get the algea off.

Bapoline says:


MJ Lopez says:

i like manatees

TheLeastDiseased says:

I want to spoon with a manatee.

Emma Mora says:

This is how every habitat at the zoo should be. Natural and enough room for the animal to roam around free.

acephantom903 says:

1:31 The Manatee was like “Come on! Kick me! I’ll call PETA on you. :3 I’m a troll Manatee. :3”

punchbuggy981 says:

i might go to this place next year 🙂 i <3 manatees

Cody Miller says:

Do you guys know where the Marine Science Station is? I’m a student there. We come into the springs all the time.

RiverVentures says:

The manatees in Crystal River are all free range wild animals, No cages or enclosures, just natural spring water that they seek.

Jeff C says:

I will be up there shortly but are the mans free swimming with access to the open ocean? or are they landlocked or enclosed in any way?

RiverVentures says:

The water is anywhere from 3 feet to 10 feet deep depending on where you are. In the winter the manatees are in the clear water springs as seen in this video.

thebabydoll1336 says:

Manatees r so cute!!! And It makes me so upset we people scare them away and run then over with motor botes so

RiceARonia says:

I’m thinking of doing this. How deep is the water? I’m not the best swimmer.

dragonbane001 says:

😮 the water is sooooo clearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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